Referring to the 1400 name of "Production, Support and Impediments" by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Astan Quds Razavi said: "Astan Quds should be a pioneer in the realization of the slogan of the year and with a jihadist effort, use all its resources and power to fulfill this order of leadership.

According to Astan News, Ahmad Marvi at the meeting of the directors of the Astan Quds Razavi Endowment Productivity Foundation held in the garden site of Khatoon camp in Mashhad, referring to the emphasis of Islam and the traditions of imams (Astan Quds Razavi) A) Regarding the importance and high status of work and effort, he stated: Islam considers work and efforts to make a living and provide the needs of the family as a very sa
cred and great worship. The parents and elders of the religion read and said: Today our country is truly in a difficult and fragile economic war that "production" is the battlefield and the plan of victory in that realization of the "resistance economy", added the supreme leader of
the revolution for years, the importance of economic self-sufficiency to the authorities of the country, the supreme leader since 91 invented the word "resistance economy" and entered the economic and political literature of the country and in this regard numerous meetings with the authorities of the country. they held.

The production leap introduced the operation of victor
y in the economic war of The Martyrs of Islam and the Marvi "Production Leap" as the main operation to win over the enemy in the economic war and stated: The strategy communicated by the Supreme Leader to the government and public institutions in 1400 was the production, support and obstruction that the Astan-e Quds infantry in this unequal economic war to fulfill the slogan of the year is th
e endowment productivity foundation. : The Endowment Productivity Foundation should specify its strongholds for this war in the resistance economy map and focus on them, in the areas of agriculture, industrial, energy, health, construction, etc. It should be focused on how to identify and remove barriers to production and to implement the necessary support to achieve the "production leap".

Why the importance of endowment productivity foundati
on for Astan Qudstolite Astan Quds Razavi continued to explain why the work of the Endowments Productivity Foundation explained: The productivity of endowments is important in two ways for Astan Quds Razavi, firstly, Ace As a trustee of endowments, Youan Quds seeks to increase the productivity and profitability of endowments in order to provide and fulfill the intentions of the endowers, because the endowments are the trustees of the endowments that On the other hand, pr
oper exploitation of endowments is important for Astan-e Quds because it should not be such that the social capital of this holy doorstep is reduced, but it should increase the social capital of this holy doorstep with appropriate productivity.

The proper productivity of endowments encourages endowers to endowed, and
The Walmsmin Marvi stated that proper productivity of endowments helps the endowers and nazareths to make the effect of their endowments and vows He expressed that proper use of endowments will build people's confidence and awareness of the importance and effects of mubarak endowment in society and thus increase motivation and encourage people to endowed.He protects endowments, c
ompletely executes the intentions of the endowers and Increasing productivity of endowments is one of the most important tasks of Astan Quds and acknowledged: wherever there is a conflict between earning and preserving values, it is definitely more important to preserve values, but economic managers of Astan Quds are expected to maintain both of these important and certainly the sum between profitability and preservation of values is
possible.Hojjatoleslam Marvi said. Astan Quds Razavi is a service institution and its revenues should also be earned through the provision of services, so earning money from speculative methods and capital sales is not acceptable at all.He
added: In economic activities we must act in such a way that while earning economic profits, the needs of the country and its benefits to the people are not accepted.

Astan Quds should play a paternal role in front of the private sector, t
he authority of Astan Quds Razavi emphasized on the lack of competition with the private sector and said: "Astan Quds should not enter into economic activities in such a way that the private sector feels competitive, competition of large institutions with the private sector can discourage, cancel investments and even withdraw funds from the country."He pointed
out the supreme leader's emphasis on the lack of competition of the public and sovereign sectors. With the private sector, he stated: "Astan Quds should play a paternal role in front of the people and the private sector, the main task of the regime is to create an atmosphere of growth in different areas for the people.

Astan Quds should be the driving force in the production of
the country's needs, the holy shrine of Marvi emphasized on the importance of paying attention to the advantages of Astan Quds and the needs of the country in various economic fields: we must enter the field of production and meet the important needs of the country, especially areas where the private sector is not willing to take risks, Astan Quds should be the driving force of production of the country's needs and open the way for the priv
ate sector to enter those areas.He stated. : Economic reason and logic says that we should work on the basis of economic advantages, for example, because Astan Quds has many endowed lands, naturally one of its advantages is agriculture or that we have an advantage in the food industry, health and pilgrimage economy that we should use them to meet the needs of the country.

Standing in line to buy chicken is not acceptable at all, Astan Qu
ds Razavi said: For years in the field of agriculture there is a problem of supplying livestock inputs, neglecting this issue has caused the country today to face the problem of supplying the chicken needed by the people. The fact that chicken becomes the issue of the country and people stand in line to buy chicken is not acceptable at all, the People of Iran are v
ery decent.He added: Officials say we have problems importing livestock inputs, they are correct, but the question should be asked why in these 40 years you have not thought about self-sufficiency in this field? We, who have slogans, principles and values and are bound to stand up to them and do not submit to arrogance, should also provide the grounds for their realization, not that people are waiting for chickens because their food comes from abroa
d.Hojjatoleslam Marvi emphasized that the agricultural sectors of Astan Quds should not be indifferent to the needs of the country. : In the years following the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, many great and significant services and measures have been taken, but in fairness, in some areas it has been neglected to be solved and today the people's tables are not affected by the problems.

The necessity of organizing the abandoned lands of
Astan Quds Razavi Astan Quds Razavi continued to refer to the abandoned lands of Astan Quds on the edge of Mashhad city and the problems that have sometimes been created for the people of those areas and expressed: We have many lands in cities, many of which have been left unused, these issues have social consequences and should be considered appropriate for the productivi
ty of these lands.He added. : Sometimes these abandoned lands have become places for criminals and people have complaints about this, the Endowment Productivity Foundation is obliged to find a way to organize and exploit these lands so that there is no problem for the people through the lands of Astan-e Quds.

In another part of his remarks, Astan Quds Priority Em
ployment in The Economic Activities of The Holy Shrine of Marvi emphasized the necessity of paying attention to employment in economic activities and said: "Astan Quds is not responsible for creating employment in the country, it is the responsibility of the government, but this sacred institution should help the government as much as possible in this area, so job creation should be one of the priorities of Astan Quds in economic activities and managers in the field. He emphasized that creatin
g even one job, because each person's employment is saving a family, advised the officials of the Astan-e-Qods Endowment Productivity Foundation: If there is a decision to establish a factory or manufacturing workshop, try to set it up in deprived areas so that while creating jobs for the people of those areas, Abadani in deprived areas should also be helped.

The necessity of supporting small p
roducers using the technical capabilities of Astan-e-Qods economic companies in support of micro-producers was another recommendation of Hojjatoleslam Marvi to the Astan Quds Endowment Producti
vity Foundation, stating that many small producers do not have enough power to complete the production and supply chain, saying: Many farmers cannot sell their products or the majority of ranchers are having trouble supplying animal feed, one of the foundation's programs. Endowment productivity should help such manufacturers.The autho
rity of Astan Quds Razavi to support manufacturers with the name and logo of "Razavi" from other strategies of the Endowment Productivity Foundation determined and stated: Standards can be set for granting the "Razavi" badge to others in order to support the production.

Supporting production by creating export market
s Hejtalam Marvi supporting production through the creation of export markets, another strategy of the Endowment Productivity Foundation, said: Part of the basics of production is related to the sale of products, many small producers work hard to produce their products, but due to the lack of a suitable market, they have to sell their products at low prices, we can use the credit of Astan Quds and buy products. He emphasized that the relationship between the productivity foundation's vision and the vision of Astan-e Q
uds should be closely related to the missions of the Foundation with the missions communicated by Astan Quds And the values of the Foundation should be in accordance with the fundamental values of Astan Quds and all the actions and operations of the foundation should be in accordance with the macro policies of Astan Quds Razavi said. : Adherence
to the high teachings of Razavi, governance, having a revolutionary spirit, ethics, spirituality, justice, rationality, knowledge and productivity, innovation and innovation, accountability, adherence to the rights of the endowers and people is one of the most important points that should be at the forefront of the endowment productivity f
oundation.Hojjatoleslam Marvi, referring to the name of 1400 titled "Production, Support and Barriers" by the Supreme Leader When the Supreme Leader announces a policy and determines the slogan of the year, the leadership-affiliated apparatuses are more deserving of the menus to realize and operationalize those menus, so Astan-e Quds should be a pioneer in the realization of the slogan of the year and with a jihadist effort, use all its resources and power to fulfill this order of leadership.

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