The second runway of Sarbisheh-Darh axis is constructed by Razavi Housing and Construction Company

Managing Director of Qods Razavi Housing and Construction Company told Astan News: This project has been key since August of this year and simultaneously with equ
ipping the workshop, executive operations in the field operations has begun. He noted the importance of this axis: Darh is located in Sarbisheh and 120 km from Birjand and mahiroud border terminal in Sarbisheh
city towards the Afghan border, so considering that sarbisheh project was part of this route, it will play an important role in transit and cargo transportation. : The road was constructed by foreign contractors in the years
before the revolution, but in the past years and due to many accidents, it is one of the most fatal and dangerous axis of the country, which will reduce the severity of accidents by constructing a second runw
ay. : At the same time as the start of the executive operations, direct employment for about 100 and nearly 400 people is provided indirectly on a monthly basis.

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